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Amy Sumida is the Internationally Acclaimed author of the Award-Winning Godhunter Series, the fantasy paranormal Twilight Court Series, the Beyond the Godhunter Series, the music-oriented paranormal Spellsinger Series, the superhero Spectra Series, and several short stories. Her books have been translated into several languages, have won numerous awards, and are bestsellers. She believes in empowering women through her writing as well as providing everyone with a great escape from reality.

Her stories are full of strong women and hot gods, shapeshifters, vampires, dragons, fairies, gargoyles... pretty much any type of supernatural, breathtakingly gorgeous man you can think of. Because why have normal when you could have paranormal?

Born and raised in Hawaii, Amy made a perilous journey across the ocean with six cats to settle in the beautiful state of Oregon which reminds her a lot of Hawaii but without the cockroaches or evil sand. When she isn't trying to type fast enough to get down everything the voices in her head are saying while her kitties try to sabotage her with cuteness, she enjoys painting on canvases, walls, and anything else that will sit still long enough for the paint to dry. She prefers antiques to modern furniture, tea to coffee, night to day, and Tom Hardy to Tom Hiddleston. No; Tom Hiddleston to Tom Hardy. No, wait... Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston to Tom Cruise. Yes, that's it.

Join the God Squad on Facebook. Dive further into the worlds of the Godhunter and the Twilight Court on Amy's website. Amy's Imaginary Worlds, a Facebook group where you can discuss all of her books.

The Black Lion: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Godhunter Book 30)The Black Lion: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Godhunter Book 30) $3.99


No rest for the Godhunter.

Kirill wants to take his family on vacation. He wants to show his daughter the land his father, Peter the Great, conquered and the small village where his mother was born. Vervain wants that for him too but as their vacation progresses, strange things start happening. People resembling Vervain's friends—her god friends—begin to appear in odd places and humans are drowning in pairs. As Kirill and Vervain investigate, their answers only lead to more questions but one thing is certain; the Godhunter doesn't get to go on holiday.


Godhunter (The Godhunter Series Book 1)Godhunter (The Godhunter Series Book 1) $0.99

I killed the first god I met.

It was self-defense. The kills that followed were not, but they were necessary. Preemptive. It was them or me. Until he showed up; eyes full of lightning, a jawline that could cut glass, and the body of a Norse god... which is exactly what he is. One of them. He represents everything that I'm against. Everything that I fear. I should kill him, but I have the strangest feeling that I should trust him. As a witch, I always listen to my gut but as a woman, I know that this time those feelings might be coming from somewhere a little lower.

The Godhunter Series is a Paranormal Romance with Gods, Shapeshifters, Witches, and mythical beasts that will keep you hunting for more.

Praise for The Godhunter Series:

"Anita Blake, eat your heart out!"
"I laughed so much, I often got asked if I was okay!”
"A hidden gem in a sea of dreck."
"Vervain's one of the best female heroines today!"
"(Amy Sumida is) literally a genius when it comes to characters, plots, and romance."
"They are so good, they should be savored, but instead I binged on them like a kid on Halloween."

Myth and magic collide in this award-winning, action, paranormal reverse harem romance. Grab your copy and start hunting TODAY!

Is the Godhunter becoming a god?

Vervain Lavine finally has a moment to relax. She's defeated Aphrodite, reclaiming the magic that the goddess stole from humans. Now the Godhunter holds the powers of Love, Sex, War, and Victory inside her but she's not really sure if that makes her a goddess. She is fairly certain that she's still mortal, but her new immortal boyfriend, Thor, doesn't seem to be worried about it.

What he is worried about is Vervain's bond to a werewolf Prince, and the fact that said Prince is the first-born son of Fenrir, the Wolf God. Then there's the minor issue of a Harvest goddess whose daughter Vervain liberated, and the angry Aztec god who hasn't been seen since the last time the Godhunter ruined his plans to launch the next world war. All good reasons for concern, but why should Vervain waste her time worrying? The best laid schemes of gods and wolves oft go awry.
The Godhunter Series is a slow-building reverse harem paranormal romance.

Oathbreaker (The Godhunter Series Book 3)Oathbreaker (The Godhunter Series Book 3) $3.99

Can you trust a god they call Oathbreaker?

Vervain Lavine needs a little time to figure things out. Things like how to control the multiple beasts and magics inside her. Or how to lead a Pride of werelions who act more like a bunch of frat boys than grown men. She needs to work out her relationship with Trevor, the werewolf Prince bonded to her, and figure out if his grandfather, Loki, is serious in his repentance or is just up to more of his tricks.

Demeter's still on the run after her attempt on Trevor's life and it'd be great if Vervain could figure out where she's hiding before the goddess tries to kill her too. The Godhunter would also like to know why a bunch of vampires keep following her around. What's all that about?

Then there's Odin, leader of a faction of gods opposing Vervain in the God War. He needs the Godhunter's help and he's willing to pay for it, but can Vervain trust her enemy, a god who holds the title of Oathbreaker? Odin has helped her in the past and she owes him, but the way Vervain feels around him is a complication she just doesn't need... and one more thing for her to figure out.

Yeah, the Godhunter could really use some time to think things through, but it doesn't look as if she's going to get it.

Marked by Death: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 4)Marked by Death: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 4) 3.99

The cold is spreading.

After the battle in Asgard, Vervain Lavine, the Godhunter, just wants to celebrate the victory with her friends and family. The fact that those friends happen to be gods, and her family is a bunch of werewolves and werelions, only makes the victory that much sweeter. But the wound she took from Anubis' blade has scarred over, and the cold beginning to spread from it is worrisome. Not to mention the link it's established between her and the Egyptian God of the Dead, who seems intent on making her pay for having the audacity to attack him.

Then there's Demeter, still out to get Vervain, and Ares who may be holding a grudge over the loss of his lover and his left hand. Besides the gods who want her dead, there's the goddess who wants Vervain's help stopping a drug lord who also happens to be a god.

So it's a little hard for the Godhunter to celebrate, in fact she can barely sleep, ever since the night that she was marked by Death.

The Godhunter tries to catch a Tiger Goddess by the Toe!
One sip from the Grayel has made Vervain Lavine immortal. She's finally a true goddess, but that doesn't mean she can't die, just that the task of killing the Godhunter has become much harder for those who want her dead.
Vervain's list of enemies keeps getting longer and the latest name on it is Xi Wangmu, the Chinese Plague and Tiger Goddess. Xi Wangmu has come to Hawaii, and she's brought Black Death with her.
As the Godhunter races to catch a tiger by her toe, more and more obstacles are thrown in her way. From an unhappy alpha werewolf to the headaches of her human family, it looks like Vervain's going to need a little help this time.
Being a goddess isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Blood tells all.
Vervain Lavine has been through Hell. Two Hells actually, one of which she's been barred from. Despite all that, things are going pretty well for the Godhunter. At least they were until she turned on the news.
Crops across America are dying, children in Hawaii are missing, and havoc is being wrecked upon her nightclub, Moonshine. It's obviously God messing with her again but which one is it this time? There's so many gods who want her dead these days.
Then one wrong word sends her tumbling into an unknown realm. A strange place filled with even stranger beings who seem to hold the answers to her past. With the promise of a new life lingering like the taste of blood on her lips, Vervain must decide what she values more, the life she's built with the men she loves, or the call of the blood.

The Godhunter Saga heads into a new realm!

Married life has proven to be complicated for Vervain Lavine. Maybe it's the pressure of being the last dragon-sidhe in existence, the hope of an entire race of faeries. Or maybe it's the fact that her husband lives in the Faerie Realm where he rules the Kingdom of Fire. Or then again, it could be because he married her after abducting her and stealing her memories of her four other lovers.

That's a tough one.

He did do a lot to make it up to her though, and she's forgiven Arach but that doesn't mean that the Godhunter is ready to hang up her fighting leathers in exchange for becoming a dragon mommy. Before she can decide what to do about the Faerie King, another problem arises in the form of a god who seems to be able to control the Internet. Internet crime takes on a whole new meaning under his influence and it becomes clear that his nefarious deeds must be stopped. But can the Godhunter find a way to destroy the God of the Internet before she's caught in his Tainted Web?

The Harvest Goddess is on the run!

The Wolves are on her trail, but even with the best tracking abilities in all the realms, they can't seem to locate her. Now, the trackers are turning up dead, and the Froekn are turning to the Godhunter for help. Vervain knows this long-overdue reaping is hers, that she must be the one to pick the bitter fruit of vengeance, but when a darker magic comes into play, she grows less certain over what the harvest shall bring... and who will be the harvester.

The first book in the Godhunter series split, Harvest of the Gods can be read alone OR in conjunction with A Fey Harvest. Harvest of the Gods is set entirely in the God and Human Realms but if you wish, you may follow Vervain from Harvest of the Gods to A Fey Harvest by switching books whenever Vervain declares that she's off to the Faerie Realm and then switching back when she returns. This way, you may experience events as she does. Or you may read the books independently and enjoy each story separately. Just be sure to read Harvest of the Gods first. If you'd prefer one, long, continuous story, combinations of the books are available as: Harvest of the Gods and A Fey Harvest.

A Fey Harvest: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 9)A Fey Harvest: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 9) $3.99

The Fey are being hunted.

After five-hundred years, the Faerie Realm is open once more. A shaky truce has been made between the gods and the fey and hope has begun to grow for a peaceful future between all races. Vervain Lavine, Godhunter and now Faerie Queen, desperately wants the truce to work. Her life and loves in both realms depend on it but now faeries have gone missing and an unknown magic seems to be involved. Someone is harvesting the fey and it's up to Vervain to show them what a bitter and deadly fruit faeries can be.

The second book in the Godhunter series split, A Fey Harvest can be read alone or in conjunction with Harvest of the Gods. A Fey Harvest is set entirely in the Faerie Realm but if you wish, you may follow Vervain from A Fey Harvest to Harvest of the Gods by switching books whenever Vervain declares that she's off to the God Realm and then switching back when she returns. This way, you may experience events as she does. Or you may read the books independently and enjoy each story separately. Just be sure to read Harvest of the Gods first.

The Godhunter defies death itself!

The second series split will leave you reeling with delight!

The Void, the source of all souls, is a place very few gods remember anymore. It's also the one place Vervain Lavine needs to find if she wants to bring Odin back to life. There's only one god who can help her, a god who not only remembers the Void but has been there himself. Lucifer Morningstar, Satan, Beelzebub, the Devil, yeah that guy. He also happens to be her boyfriend's father.

Maybe getting Odin back won't be so hard after all.

Sure, no problem, if only the Godhunter's life wasn't going to Hell in a handbasket. First she ends up on an archangel watch list, then mermaids start washing up with beached whales, and finally some idiot god tries to start a zombie apocalypse. Vervain barely has time to breathe, how will she ever make it into the Void?

Into the Void is part of a series split. It can be read alone or together with Out of the Darkness. It features a split cover which can be placed beside Out of the Darkness to create a full picture.

This is the last series split in the Godhunter Saga, don't miss your opportunity to experience it!

Winter is coming to Faerie and the Godhunter is left in the cold.

This second series split is the best yet!

Seasons have returned to Faerie and the fey are not happy about it. There hasn't been anything but summer in the land of the fey for thousands of years, so long that most have forgotten what the seasons are. The nights grow longer and Faerie grows colder as winter approaches. It falls upon Vervain to help the fey through these changes. As if that's not enough, a murderer is on the lose and everyone seems to think it's her. Can the Godhunter find her way out of the darkness or will Faerie be lost to her forever?
Out of the Darkness is part of a series split. It can be read alone or together with Into the Void. It features a split cover which can be placed beside Into the Void to create a full picture.
This is the last split in the series, don't miss your opportunity to experience it!

The Godhunter enters the Realm of Dreams.

The excitement continues as Vervain discovers that even her dreams are no longer safe.

Vervain Lavine, Godhunter, Witch, Shapeshifter, Goddess, and Faerie. Life has become a little confusing with so many titles but the one place Vervain could always find sanctuary was in her dreams. Now even that is taken from her when an unknown god starts hunting the Godhunter in her sleep.

Then there's Odin, or rather Griffin, who has yet to remember his true past or the part Vervain played in it. Add to that the assembling of a mutant army led by a sharp-dressed and sharply coiffured Indian, and you have a recipe for an epic nightmare. If only she could get a moment's rest, Vervain might be able to deal with it all but even in Faerie she can't escape. The newly created dark fey are having problems controlling their element. Between the dark fey and her dark dreams, the Godhunter's unable to find any solace and sleeping has become only another way to die.

Olympus is calling!

The thirteenth installment of The Godhunter Series takes us through the Greek pantheon reaching ultimate highs and surprising depths.

Ambrosia, the source of immortality for the Greek gods. It's creation is a secret, held only by Zeus himself, and he's held that secret over the heads of his fellow gods for years, giving ambrosia only to those who agree to serve him. Now the Godhunter has gotten wind of his monopoly on immortality and although she normally fights for humanity, this time she's going to make an exception and fight for the gods. But Zeus isn't the only storm brewing, Vervain is having strange visions, her nine-pointed star is behaving oddly, and something powerful is stirring in the Faerie Realm. Like tracing after thunder, the solution to all her problems seems to be just beyond her reach.

Light as a Feather: A Reverse Harem Witch Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 14)Light as a Feather: A Reverse Harem Witch Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 14) $3.99

Magic has no weight. It has no volume or substance. The most powerful of magic can be housed in something as light as a feather... and it is.

One black and one white. The two magic feathers of Tobadzistsini and Nayenezgani, twin Navajo gods. The white feather holds the power to heal all wounds and black can vanquish all enemies. Together they are virtually unstoppable but for the Godhunter the real difficulty will be deciding whether to fight the Navajo gods or join them.

It all comes down to the color of Vervain's convictions. Although the feathers are black and white, her choices have all blurred to gray and choosing the wrong shade could mean the extermination of an entire race.

Rain or Monkeyshine: A Reverse Harem Witch Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 15)Rain or Monkeyshine: A Reverse Harem Witch Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 15) $3.99

It's time for some monkey business.

The Godhunter is on lockdown, her lovers gathering around her in preparation for some unknown trouble lurking on the horizon. So when one of the Dark Horses is abducted by a Hindu monkey god, Vervain is kept out of the rescue mission.

Hiding doesn't work for the Godhunter though, and soon she is drawn into a strange world where monkeys fly, snakes rule underground cities, and birds prey on the weak. Her self-control and strength will be tested as she goes up against one of the largest god armies she's ever seen. Is this the danger she's been warned of or is there an even greater battle to be fought... within herself?

Scroll up and grab your copy today to see what the Godhunter does next!

The Award Winning Godhunter Series Continues!

Pregnancy is hard on any woman but for the Godhunter it presents a unique set of problems. Like literally burning indigestion, magically induced mood swings, and overprotective alpha males. Then one wrong decision sets Vervain down a catastrophic path and singed furniture becomes the least of her concerns. With bloodthirsty enemies breathing down her neck and a volatile dragon baby growing within her belly, Vervain must find a way to save the future... by venturing into it.

The Eye of Re sees all.

Vervain Lavine is finally about to become a mother. But she's also preparing for marriage... to four men... all at once... and the baby's father isn't one of them. As if all that isn't complicated enough, the memories she brought back from an altered future have found their way into the dreams of her favorite sun god. All she wants to do is forget the horrible fate that she's escaped but now it looks like she may have to face it all one more time. Will the Godhunter be able to put the future in her past or will she be lost forever... within the Eye of Re?

The Award-Winning Godhunter Series continues!

With the birth of her twins, the Godhunter has begun a new phase of her life. Unfortunately, this phase may be her last if she doesn't figure out how to fix her shattered star. And then Yemanja, a goddess Vervain owes her life to, comes to her for help. Vodou practitioners are being murdered, their souls summoned back to earth and forced into slavery. Now the Godhunter must save those taken souls while she searches for a way to save herself.

Her star may be broken but her spirit isn't.

When the man she loves and her twin sons are threatened, the Godhunter is determined to protect them at any cost. Her enemies seem obvious to her, but as she chases the Battle Crow, Morrigan, Vervain discovers that the crow doesn't always fly straight. And it's not the only bird who feeds on carrion.

The Wolves are being hunted!

Vervain Lavine's nine-pointed star is whole again. A victory indeed, except the Godhunter still doesn't know exactly what it's capable of. Distracted by pregnancy issues, she just doesn't have the time to search for answers. But when her Froekn family is attacked, then accused of nefarious deeds themselves, she is thrust down a road which leads her straight to the destiny she's been chosen for. Myth and magic turn against the Godhunter, and the only hope she has of saving those she loves lies in learning secrets of her star.

Pride Before A Fall: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 21)Pride Before A Fall: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Godhunter Series Book 21) $3.99

The Pride is on the hunt!

Vervain is preparing for the arrival of her third child, but not in the usual manner. Her daughter, Lesya, has been growing in a god-powered incubator, and the time has finally come to remove Lesya and take her home. But life is never smooth for the Godhunter, and as she dreams of holding her child at last, her enemies dream of destroying her. Vengeance draws near, and war threatens the realms. Will her Pride blind her to the truth, or will they save her from a fall?

Not all monsters are created equal.
As strange rainstorms and power outages spread across America, Vervain's personal life hits some stormy weather as well. Magic and love are hopelessly intertwined for the Godhunter, and it begins to take a toll on her heart as well as her relationships. As the Queen of Fire, Vervain had learned to love monsters, but she's about to find out that not all monsters are hiding hearts of gold. Can Vervain weather the storm or will she fall prey to the monsters lurking within the mist?

Sometimes Death is a blessing.

Death was once something for the Godhunter to fight, but now she knows him intimately. She knows that the Angel of Death can be beautiful, charming, and irresistible. Sometimes Death is a blessing, and at other times he can be a curse, but Azrael is always loyal and always loved. Until he resigned, that is. Then the Angelic Host was sent after him. But there is more to their actions than simple retribution. Someone is manipulating the Host, and if Vervain wants to save her husband, she must first discover the secrets of Heaven, Hell, and the heart of Death himself.

Time can be a killer.

At the battle for Dvārakā, Nyx and her friends were defeated, and now, she wants revenge. She's convinced a god of time to help her, and they intend to change the past. As Nyx's nefarious plan unfolds, the Godhunter is tossed through time with only her instincts and a couple of sassy Consciousnesses to guide her. Will it be enough to get her back to her proper present, or will this time belong to Nyx?

There will be Hell to pay.
Deep within the Devil's house there's a room where demons sleep. They send their souls into humans and entrust their bodies to Satan. No one has ever disturbed them. No one would dare. Until now.
Demons are dying; their souls taken before they can return to Hell. With only weeks to spare, Vervain and the God Squad attempt to track down the murderer. The trail is twisted and full of traps; blurring the truth in the most devious ways. But this about family, and the Godhunter refuses to turn back, no matter how rough the going gets... or how much she may lose along the way.

In a realm of reflections, how do you know what's real?

The Godhunter has amassed an impressive collection of allies, lovers, and magic but when she gets pulled into an enchanted mirror with her lion and wolf husbands, she finds herself stripped of all her power except that which she was born with. A simple witch again, Vervain must find a way out of the mirror using only her wits, some basic magic, and the help of her men. But this mirror is more than a prison, and as the lion, the witch, and the werewolf navigate its shifting domain, they discover that nothing is quite as it seems, not even themselves.

Hear No Evil: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (Godhunter Book 27)Hear No Evil: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (Godhunter Book 27) $3.99

Listen at your own risk.

The Godhunter has been given a warning; a prophecy of a coming apocalypse in the God Realm. Her family and friends have gathered to help her stop it, but then Gods begin to disappear, and Vervain suspects that it might all be connected. A new nightclub may also be involved; run by a group of ancient gods, humans and Gods alike have been flocking to it. As Vervain searches for the missing, she's pulled deeper into a sexy, shadowy world of illusion and enchantment where music is the most powerful magic of all.

Dark Star: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (Godhunter Book 28)Dark Star: A Reverse Harem Magic Romance (Godhunter Book 28) $3.99

Let your dark light shine.

After dealing with the Finnish Gods and their magic-stealing machine, Vervain thought that she could rest easy. But her enemies have reached beyond the grave to hurt her. The Godhunter has been poisoned. Tainted by magic. Her trinity star infected by evil. Freed from fate, she finds her power magnified beyond godhood and starts down a path that threatens to separate her from everyone she loves. As evil consumes her, Vervain must find the strength to fight the greatest enemy she has ever faced; herself.

Destiny Descending: A Reverse Harem Supernatural Romance (Godhunter Book 29)Destiny Descending: A Reverse Harem Supernatural Romance (Godhunter Book 29) $3.99

Fate is a fickle thing.

The Godhunter has managed to piss off an entire pantheon and now, the Mesopotamians are coming for her. Even worse, their leader wields an ancient artifact that can rewrite destiny. With her star still on the mend, Vervain knows this is the worst time for another war but a confrontation seems unavoidable. She must find a way to battle the God of Light before her destiny descends into darkness.