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Contemporary Western Romance eBooks

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Born and raised in a small coastal town in the south I realized at a young age that I was more adventurous than my conservative friends and family. I loved to travel. My passion for travel opened up a whole new world and new cultures to me that I will always be grateful for. I was raised to treasure family. I always knew that at some point in my life I would leave my story book life and become someone's mother, someone's aunt and hopefully someone's grandmother. Little did I know that the birth of my son at a later stage in life would make me the happiest I've ever been. He will always be my biggest achievement. The desire to be a work-from-home mom is what lead me down this path of publishing books.

While I have always loved reading I never realized how much I would love writing until I started. I feel like each one of my books have been influenced by someone or something I've experienced in my life. To be able to share this gift has become a dream come true.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

With Love,
Natalie Dean

Her Second Chance Cowboy is a sweet contemporary western romance novel that is sure to sweep you off your feet! It’s the first book of a five-book series of standalones about each of the wealthy but humble brothers of Miller Ranch finding true love. Each book has stellar reviews. And all five novels are now completed! So you can binge read without having to wait for the next in series!

Brothers of Miller Ranch is based off a historical western romance series I wrote called Brides of Miller Ranch. And you’ll find stories from Ben and his brothers’ ancestors of the 1800s intertwined throughout this modern take off of Miller Ranch. That series can only be found in my Brides & Twins Mail Order Bride Compilation.

Her Second Chance Cowboy: Contemporary Western Romance Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 1)Her Second Chance Cowboy: Contemporary Western Romance Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 1)$0.99

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When Ben accompanies his mother to an old friend’s funeral…the last person he expects to see is her.

As the eldest son of the wealthy Miller family, Ben Miller is content with helping his brothers run their family’s ranch in Montana. Well… mostly content. There’s a certain something missing from his life, and he’s done a good job denying it for the past decade. Until she rolled back into town…

After ten years fighting to make it in the Big Apple, full-figured Chastity finds herself heading back to the one place she vowed she’d never return. But a tragedy in the family forced her home, and she finds herself facing an uncertain future.

Ben and Chastity were high school sweethearts whose three-year relationship ended dramatically. But they were once in the head-over-heels, can’t-breathe-without-you kind of love. And now, they suddenly find themselves pushed into each other’s lives again in the most surprising of circumstances.

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He’s the man. He should be saving her. But instead, she’s the one saving him.

After surviving a few combat fights in the military, Bart Miller is suffering from a severe case of PTSD. No matter how hard he tries, life on the ranch just isn’t the same anymore. His family thinks he’s improving, but they don’t know about the night terrors that plague him almost every night.

Ever since Missy got laid off her beloved job as a veterinary technician, she’s struggling to make ends meet. No one wants to hire her in their small town since they associate her with her Dad, who was the town drunk. Then Mrs. Miller offers her a job at the wealthy Miller Ranch—making fifteen dollars an hour!

Strangers in the night both trying to find their way, Bart and Missy end up meeting in the most unlikely of circumstances. Missy may just be the only person who can help Bart begin his journey to healing. But will Mrs. Miller see it that way? Especially since Missy is somewhat off limits as an employee at the Miller Ranch…

Her Rival Cowboy: Contemporary Western Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 3)Her Rival Cowboy: Contemporary Western Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 3)$2.99

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She thinks he’s just the arrogant, rich cowboy from the rival ranch down the road. He’s out to prove her wrong…

Born smack-dab in the middle of his more successful siblings, Benji Miller finds himself wondering where his place is on his family’s wealthy ranch. It’s hard to stand out when he has five brothers that just so happen to include the Leader, the Veteran, the Genius, and the Playboy. Benji’s only claim to fame is that he’s really good at fixing things.

But that talent comes to the forefront when Benji’s Ma asks him to help a neighbor in need. Neighbors who just so happen to own the rival Touhey Ranch.

Neighbors who also just so happen to have a beautiful spitfire of a daughter named Danielle—who seems to hate his guts for no good reason.

Danielle can’t figure out the handsome Benji. Usually people like to make fun of her for being a tomboy who just wants to care for the animals on the farm. She figures there must be something up with him showing all this interest in her.

After repeated attempts at trying to get Danielle to show a little kindness, she still treats Benji like he’s the worst person on earth. Now Benji must decide if he wants to look past her attitude to do the right thing, or let her sour disposition chase him off…

Her Fake-Fiance Cowboy Protector: Western Romance Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 4)Her Fake-Fiance Cowboy Protector: Western Romance Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 4) $2.99

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They had to fake an engagement to protect her. He just wanted to keep her safe. If only it were that simple…

The second to youngest of all the Miller brothers, Bradley has always been a bit of the odd one out. Good with numbers, but not especially with people. While his brothers played sports in high school, he got into theater. And while they all worked outside on the ranch, he did the business side of things.

But with his older brothers finding love one right after the other, he’s beginning to wonder if maybe they know something he doesn’t.

Lazy. Dumb. Useless. Sophia’s been called it all, but she’s still fighting. On the run from her past, she won’t stop until she’s free. Until she’s able to live a life truly on her own.

But who even is Sophia Hernandez? Molded into something else since she was seventeen years old, she barely remembers that girl she used to be.

Then she meets Bradley Miller. And her world is turned upside down…

Out of nowhere, like a knight in shining armor, Bradley shows up and runs off the man who has been haunting all of her dreams.

Together, maybe the two of them can defeat the shadow lurking over Sophia’s life. But doing so means trusting again, and some things are too impossible a task.

Taming Her Cowboy Billionaire: Western Romance Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 5)Taming Her Cowboy Billionaire: Western Romance Novel (Brothers of Miller Ranch Book 5)$0.99

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He’s a cowboy billionaire who thinks he has it all. She’s out to humble him and prove money isn’t everything…

Every family has a black sheep, and Bryant Miller, the youngest of the Miller brothers, is exactly that. Handsome, rich and self-assured, he struck out on his own, defying all the rules and morals his family had raised him with.

Flitting from party to party and chasing money and pleasure, Bryant thinks he’s content with his wealthy lifestyle. But as his brothers find love, he begins to wonder if maybe there’s more to life than partying and money.

Then he runs into Keiko Albryte at his brother’s wedding…

Keiko is nothing like all the women he’s been consorting with. She’s beautiful, smart, and talented, with a great group of friends and an important position within the church. Keiko's life looks like the perfect package to anyone on the outside.

But Keiko’s got inner struggles of her own, which Bryant soon finds out about. Even so, Bryant still doesn’t seem to be deserving of a good woman like her.

Will their hurts combined be too volatile together? Or will they be just right for each other…

Author’s Note:
Taming Her Cowboy Billionaire is a sweet contemporary western romance novel that is sure to sweep you off your feet!

Brothers of Miller Ranch is a series of books that are about each of the wealthy but humble (except book five, but he becomes humbled by the end) brothers of Miller Ranch finding true love! Each book is a standalone novel that can be enjoyed without having read the other books of the series. Download and enjoy!