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Lisa-Marie Cabrelli has a weird accent - it's kind of English, with some Jersey twang and Scottish slang thrown in. That happens when you're born in England, move to NJ as a teenager and marry a sexy Scotsman. 

If you like to read breezy, fun books that you can't put down then she'd love it if you'd read her books and then emailed her with questions, ideas or insults. You can reach her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

She travels a lot. You'll find most of her favorite locations popping up in her books. She's struggling with some serious empty nest syndrome since her daughter flew the nest, which is why she fosters lots of kittens. It doesn't help much.

Unraveled (Jersey Girls Book 1) Unraveled (Jersey Girls Book 1) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

Claire has a perfectly planned life. It's about to unravel.

Claire needs this job, even if keeping it feels like an exercise in survival. But how can she survive when her creepy boss, Nick, promotes her to a role she doesn't understand, especially when it's clear he expects something in return? Things get more complicated when she meets the unbearably sexy vice-president. He's cold, intimidating, and incredibly distracting. Can Claire save her job and her heart, even when lies and sabotage are on the horizon?

The last thing Satish needs is for Nick to saddle him with another one of his floozies. He has more pressing issues on his hands, like a rebel little sister gone out of control. But Claire Black is different... and irresistible. Now everything he's worked for is threatened, and his secrets are about to be exposed.

Can Claire and Satish hold onto their carefully planned lives? Or will their collision change everything?

Unraveled is the first book in the Jersey Girls series. If you like fast-paced, breezy, chick-lit with loveable characters and a dash of intrigue and suspense that will keep you turning pages, you'll love Unraveled.

Pick up Unraveled today and discover the secrets that rock Claire's world!

Unstoppable: A Sweet Romance (Jersey Girls Book 2) Unstoppable: A Sweet Romance (Jersey Girls Book 2) kindle unlimited logo $4.99 to buy

Mousy Maureen thought her luck had changed this time... Nope! Dumped again!

Maureen's convinced she's destined to live a boring life as a spinster, but then she meets Brad, a deliciously sexy entrepreneur. When Brad invites her to join him on a dreamy trip to The Bahamas, Maureen decides it's time to take life into her own hands. She will shed her mouse and transform into magnificent. She packs her new wardrobe and her guide to "Make Every Man Want You" and heads off to Paradise. But Paradise is not what it seems.

Stephen hates his job as First Mate on the "Lauren Belle". The luxury yacht is hosting a rich, obnoxious huckster named Brad. And now he's bringing a girl? The last thing Stephen needs is to babysit some spoiled socialite. But Maureen isn't like any socialite he's ever met. She has some secrets he's dying to uncover and lips he's dying to kiss. But then again, he has secrets too. And so does the "Lauren Belle".

Can Mousy Maureen transform into Magnificent Mo and win the man of her dreams? Or, will the web of secrets aboard the Lauren Belle mean disaster for everyone on board?

If you like exotic locales, unstoppable heroines, and surprising happily ever afters with a dash of intrigue and suspense that will keep you turning pages, you'll love this sweet romance.

Pick up Unstoppable today and join Maureen on her adventure!

Uncharted (Jersey Girls Book 3) Uncharted (Jersey Girls Book 3) kindle unlimited logo $4.99 to buy

She has rules, "No men, no friends, no distractions." He's about to make her break them.

Since the day she came close to losing everything, straitlaced Nandita lives by her rules. But on college graduation day her life starts careening downhill. She gets rejected from the graduate program of her dreams then realizes she has six months to leave the country and return to her controlling parents in India. Her worst nightmare. And creepiest of all, she has a stalker. A man with dark penetrating eyes is following her everywhere.

Ravi's angry about everything. His life is poisoned by secrets. And now his summer has been highjacked by blackmail. He's forced into a job he doesn't want involving a breathtakingly beautiful girl he's too nervous to approach. But could she be the antidote to his poison?

Will Nandita and Ravi break their rules and risk uncharted territory? Or will they follow them and end up right back where they started?

If you like coming of age romance with a little mystery that keeps you turning pages, you'll love Uncharted. Uncharted is Book Three in the Jersey Girls series. It's more fun if you read them in order but this book can be read as a standalone.

Find out Nandita's fate and catch up on the rest of the Hoboken Crew in the thrilling Jersey Girls series finale.