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The best assassins learn their magic at the Academy of the Subtle Arts. Everyone joins for their own reasons: to give death her proper due, to acquire outrageous fortunes, or to know that history bends to their blade.

Zayn Carter joined the Academy to save his family.

In the sleepy town of Varna, an ancient evil lurks, preying on the townsfolk and keeping them enslaved by her poison. This arrangement has lasted for centuries because to kill the Lady is to guarantee the death of every man, woman, and child in the town. Faced with this impossible conundrum, Zayn vows to take down the Lady, and all that support her. He'll save his family from this horrible fateā€”or die trying.


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Dr.Patricia A. Farrell, a well-known author/psychologist has written this book on sleep for all those who wish they could get a restful night's sleep.

Included in the book is the latest information on why we must sleep, how our immune system is affected, how long we need to sleep, whether or not naps are helpful, what happens while we sleep (very exciting), the medical disorders that are associated with lack of sleep, how to use "sleep hygiene" to advantage and to avoid "sleep debt," why TVs, computers and tablets interfere with our sleep.

You'll find out how to take a test online to get a "sleepiness" score, where you can find sleep specialists, how to find a sleep center and ways to best manage sleep.

Is the brain active while you sleep or does it just manufacture dreams? Could you actually die if you didn't sleep? Why are corporations allowing their employees to sleep on the job?

If you want more information on the research, there's a useful References section to guide you to the important sources.


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