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Runner for the Fae mob by day. Professional thief by night. Haunted by what could have been . . .

Between paying off a debt to a Fae mob boss, working as a professional thief, and keeping up with her busy three-generation household, Tara Knightley barely has time to eat and sleep. But thieving supports her family, and her mother’s life depends on the Fae mobster’s magic, so Tara can’t quit either job. She’s used to the juggling act, but sometimes it feels like she’ll never really have a life of her own. Then she learns of a bounty for a mysterious magical skull. The reward would bring her close to paying off her debt to the Fae mob, finally freeing her from the grip of her powerful, manipulative boss.

She decides she must get her hands on that prize.

But just as Tara is ready to go after the skull, her childhood best friend and crush, wolf shifter Judah McMahon, shows up unannounced and begging for her help. It’s been a decade since the falling out that ended their friendship, and Tara knows she shouldn’t get involved. She doesn’t have time for side projects or distractions. But Judah’s life is threatened, so Tara gives in. The deeper she gets, the more her orderly existence unravels. Suddenly, she stands to lose everything—her family’s home and security, her shot at freedom from the Fae mob, and a chance to make things right with Judah. How will she pull through?

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What Readers Are Saying:
Edge of Magic is one of those very rare stories where you get a kick-ass heroine and complex relationships among a cast of characters that will stick in your mind long after you finish reading. With this book, Jayne Faith delivers it all—a layered lead in Tara Knightley, just enough gripping action, and a rich and fascinating story world. Highly, highly recommended for readers craving more than superficial snark and filler fight scenes in their urban fantasy.”

"I loved this! I love Tara!"

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Oath of Blood (Tara Knightley Series Prequel)

Only forbidden magic can save her . . .

A magical storm that rocked the supernatural world left Tara Knightley's mother dying of a mysterious wasting ailment. No one understands the disease or how to cure it.

When her mother slips into a coma, Tara decides to take matters into her own hands. In the middle of the night, she sneaks away swearing she won't return home until she's found a cure.

Tara's quest takes her into the dangerous world of the Fae, a world forbidden to her despite the trace Fae blood running through her veins. With the help of another part-Fae, she finds a way into Faerie and seeks out a man with Fae mob ties and a collection of rare magical things. He claims he can save her mother.

But the cure comes at a steep price. And in Faerie, words are weapons and promises are forever.

What will Tara have to sacrifice to save her mother's life?

The events in Oath of Blood (Tara Knightley Prequel) take place 10 years beforeEdge of Magic (Tara Knightley Series Book 1). Oath of Blood is a novella approximately 150 pages long.

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You can't expect to win when the system is rigged.

One man will level the field. 

Justin Wolfe sets out on a tour to promote 'The Big Solution', his book that outlines a simple economic platform that would turn a corrupt system on its head. Despite the urging from his best friend, Federal Reserve Board hopeful Evan White, Wolfe has no intention of running for office. But when his ideas begin to catch fire with the masses, the two friends find themselves swept up in a presidential campaign that threatens not only their public standing, but their very lives.

“Our world is remarkably automated. Resources remain in abundant supply. And by most standard measures, the economy appears to be humming along. Life should be so simple. So prosperous. And yet the vast majority of people still aren’t making a decent living. America’s promise of equal opportunity has become a distant memory. But I, Justin Wolfe, have a plan to finally change the dynamics that have been holding this country back. Imagine a simple idea that could change the world forever. An idea that will deliver us from this economic train-wreck and prevent further hardships from falling on the shoulders of future generations. Shouldn’t we get started?” ​​​​​​​--Justin Wolfe

In a political thriller for the ages, Jarl Jensen achieves something no other author has achieved. He crafts an exciting story around disruptive solutions that would dismantle and rebuild our global economic system. Through vivid scenery, memorable characters, and intense drama, he encourages the reader to ponder hardline questions that challenge modern political punditry, shatter the “news-in-a-loop” cycle, and change the way we think about the distribution of wealth. In this way, this page-turning thriller is more than just a page-turning thriller. It is a means to optimize America, to spark hope for a brighter future, and to change the world forever.


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SPANK: Odyssey

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It’s easy to be a villain. Or is it?

Domino Enviedhieri is a young magica user and aspiring entrepreneur stripped of his heritage, his dignity, and most importantly, his allowance. After being forced to battle a rampant demoness alongside his rival at the strip club where he works, Domino finally decides he's had enough and wants to kill the bastard for stealing his well-deserved spotlight for the hundredth time.

With the help of his ethnically diverse crew, Domino embarks on an epic quest for ultimate power. Though the journey is riddled with dicks, demons, danger, and confusing sexual feelings for one's best friend, Domino is determined to prove his greatness to the world and to himself.

But to beat the fiercest warrior in the enchanted Republic of Kitaria, there's really only one power Domino needs to gain: his own sense of self-worth.


A Game of Flames -- FREE!

Twenty years had passed since Domino and friends journeyed the world in search of the elemental horsemen, and President Pumpkinhead decided to invite them to a tropical island for a relaxing vacation. However, the tranquil holiday soon turned into a flaming shitstorm of emotions courtesy of Domino’s only daughter. Heads, hearts, and stomachs were set ablaze. No one was spared.

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