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I never get books I request.

Many of the ELITE REVIEWERS have five books "checked out" and consequently, are no longer receiving books from new authors. This happened because you didn't mark books you reviewed off as reviewed in your dashboard. Just go to and go to the "Elite Reader Dashboard" button in the menu there to mark off the books you reviewed to release more!

ALSO reviewers should check spam filters. Many times it turns out the authors' emails to you end up there, thanks to stupid spammers making life difficult for all of us.

I didn't like the books I got and now I don't get anymore.

You can mark books in the dashboard off as "NOT REVIEWING" this will close that book and clear slots for new books. You do NOT have to read or review a requested book if you hate it! 

An author asked me to buy his/her book and now I'm turned off on the whole thing.

This is FORBIDDEN. If an author tells you you have to buy their book to review. Please let me know! 

My reviews are being pulled off Amazon and I'm scared to do read and review.

Remember! Be sure NOT to say "received in EXCHANGE for review" or your review will be removed from Amazon. Just "received for free" works fine!