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Newsletter Cross-Promotions are a way for authors to share the power of their own newsletter/blog lists. As it gets more difficult to achieve Return on Investment (ROI) with various promotion services, newsletter cross-promotion offers authors a way to work together to the benefit of all. offers authors two ways to harness the power of Newsletter Cross-Promotion!

1. Using's Author List for Author-to-Author Newsletter Feature Swaps

One you've created your free account, add your listing to our Authors Cross-Promotion XChange. This enables other authors to find you and approach you about doing a simple newsletter mailing swap (cross-promotion!)

For instance, you can post yourself to the list and then look for another author who writes in your genre. Once you've located one, send them an email stating your interested in featuring one of their books in your next newsletter mailing in exchange for them featuring one of your books in return. 

The benefits:

  • You expose your fans to new books
  • Your book is exposed to new fans
  • Potential for sales
  • Potential that fans of the other author's books will then follow your website/blog/newsletter and you'll have them to market to in the future

2. Participating in AuthorsXP Cross-Promotion Events

There are a million variables that can help make the most of a newsletter cross-promotion. organizes cross-promotion events that take simple author/author swaps to the next level!

Instead of posting a single author's book in your newsletter, you add a Giveaway announcement containing graphics and text (provided by in your newsletter. 

The benefits:

  • You get to work with multiple authors all working together
  • At the end of the event you're provided with the email list of people who entered the giveaway growing your list by leaps and bounds
  • Readers get a chance to win your books by providing this email, following you on Twitter and other tasks
  • Your book is permanent listed in's book list
  • Your novel is exposed to thousands of new readers
  • Unlike one-time promotional mailings, you can continue to market to these readers in the future 
  • The event can be combined with price reductions and promotions to push sales during the event

What is your commitment?

All you need to do in order to particpate in one of these powerful marketing events is:

  • Join for free.
  • Fill out a form letting us know what book you want to promote, what genre, etc. (you can find links to this form under each upcoming event announcement.)
  • Add your book to our book database. (you may also add all your books)
  • Each event is different, but usually you'll agree to gift 3+ people a free Kindle copy of your book once winners are drawn. Some events may include other monetary gifts for readers which the participating authors will share.
  • There is a fee for participating which covers our work organizing the event, creating graphics for the newsletters, etc. Because AuthorsXP was created by an author, the fee is kept low!

In a nutshell, you could gain hundreds or even thousands of new followers/fans/readers for the cost of a small fee and the donation of a few books.



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