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Author: Caron Pescatore  Go-KartAstrophe

A go-kart accident. A driver claiming innocence. A boy who is convinced his best friend is at fault.

Eleven-year-old Luanna Porcello has just finished her first case with the Kids’ Court. Now she and best friend, Phoebe Chen, are looking forward to some quiet time by the pool. But with Greg Foster and Declan Mathias engaged in a shouting match next door, the girls’ hope for a quiet afternoon is shattered.

Greg is furious over the destruction of his prized go-kart. He blames best pal, Declan, and demands that he pay for the damages. But Declan refuses to pay, insisting it was a defect with the go-kart that caused the crash. Worried the boys are about to ruin their friendship, Luanna convinces them to take their case to the Kids’ Court.

As she delves into the case, however, Luanna discovers that defending Declan won’t be as easy as she thought. After all, he was driving the go-kart at the time of the accident. How can she possibly defend him against that?!

Join Luanna and the Kids’ Court as they embark on their second case and try to figure out the truth about who, or what, is to blame for the go-kart accident.

  • Children-Middle Grade

Everything, Somewhere

Author: David Kummer  Everything, Somewhere

The power of memories. Little Rush is a sleepy town on the Ohio River. Bruce Michaels is a renowned Hollywood actor. The two should never cross paths, yet one summer everything changes. The actor, haunted by demons, chasing a ghost. The town, unaware. Until the two collide. Hudson, Willow, and Mason are high school seniors with very different upbringings, but all on the verge of adulthood. As the sun sets on their final summer, questions abound. Will they ever leave the town? Is there a future here? As their plans waver, time is running out. The struggle of mental illness. As he loses his friends and sinks deeper into depression, Hudson forms an unlikely bond with the actor, Bruce Michaels. But the old man is a ticking time bomb. As Hudson relies on him more, the danger to them both grows. When dark secrets are revealed, Hudson must confront the truth about his idol and himself. Bruce Michaels isn’t who he seems. Hudson is nearly lost. And in the end, they may be more similar than different. The search for meaning. Different paths, converging in a web of alcohol, fights, and romance. Worlds collide one summer in Anywhere, USA. The question is who will make it through. EVERYTHING, SOMEWHERE is an ambitious, sprawling look at the stories, people, and places forming the nuanced landscape of rural America.

  • Young Adult
  • New Adult

Antipodes - Young Adult


Would YOU be chosen? Cam Mackintosh is in his last year of a science degree at Melbourne University when he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to help establish an entirely sustainable community on an island off the coast of Australia following a deadly outbreak. The community is presented with a clean slate; a completely new eco-village, protected from the outside world, but with much of the knowledge and technology of today. The community on August Island thrives and is established on modern values of gender equality and cultural inclusion.

In their second year, Cam overcomes his personal challenges and finds love with Freyja. Life is idyllic until Freyja goes missing. Cam follows her to Scotland using Antipodes, an ancient secret, referenced by many cultures throughout history. There he connects with another sustainable community on the island of Lewis, much like his own. Strangers become friends, and he realises he has found his forever home, the place where he is genuinely "of the land". His new friends include Fraser, who shares his passion for sustainable agriculture and Laetitia, a psychologist turned teacher with a challenging past. Despite his contentment, his loyalty and commitment to Freyja continue to haunt him, and Cam travels outside the protection of the communities in search of Freyja and other communities like theirs.

Now with 26 four and five-star reviews on GoodReads, Antipodes is described by one reviewer: While this falls into the ‘dystopian’ fiction genre, it sits nicely next to Kyle Perry’s The Bluffs and The Survivors by Jane Harper. The character development is great and I’m itching to know what happens next! If you ever watched The Beach, or read Handmaid’s Tale or Outlander, there are elements of both in here that make it a totally enjoyable read. (Fairlie, GoodReads).

Author: T.S. Simons 

Ivan the Giant - Children-Middle Grade/YA

Ivan the Giant

Ivan Morrow has spent his short life waiting for things to happen. Now something has happened. An unknown ancestor has entrusted him with something of great value and it has gone missing. But who stole it and how to get it back? He's grown extraordinarily over the last year since turning eleven, but his mind is stuck in a kid-sized brain. Now he must match wits with a desperate thief if he is to honour the trust placed in him by his distant relative.

"IVAN THE GIANT uses a concrete mystery to spur abstract philosophical musings, resulting in a unique coming-of-age detective story." - IndieReader "A measured, engrossing story that turns philately into a quiet mystery." - Kirkus

Author: Philip A Creurer 

Little Possum and Little Sweetpea-Little Sweetpea Teaches Little Possum a Lesson - Children-Middle Grade

Little Possum and Little Sweetpea-Little Sweetpea Teaches Little Possum a Lesson

What do Little Possum and Little Sweetpea get up to in the garden? This is a charming story with some facts about the two characters. Also, it engages young children with fantasy. Little Sweetpea teaches Little Possum compromise with a slight feminist twist!

Author: Halle Ladd 

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