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Start this Witty, Film Noir-Style Private-Eye Series!

Duane Lindsay

I wrote my first novel in college at the University of Wyoming, played lead guitar in Pinky’s bar as a member of “Suzy Q and the Quad City Ramblers,” Got an English degree, then an engineering degree, worked a lot, got married to Traci (probably the best thing to ever happen), wrote several books with Raymond Dean White, retired recently from said engineering and started writing again.
Now I write cheerfully demented novels about con artists and overweight PIs, play guitar a lot (on a very well used and loved 1954 Martin D-18 (for those of you who have guitar lust—centerfold picture available on request) and generally am having the best retirement ever.
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Download a One Mississippi...Two Mississippi - A Leroy and Kate Love Story for FREE!



MISSING AMANDA (Lou Fleener Private Eye Book 1)MISSING AMANDA (Lou Fleener Private Eye Book 1) $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME

If you like Westlake or Hallinan - You'll love Missing Amanda

Revenge is a dish best served quickly

Chicago in 1958 is a very dangerous place. When private eye Lou Fleener and his friend Dion Monkton are tricked into helping a Chicago mob boss in his takeover of Mayor Daley's office, it makes the other mobs angry enough to kill.

Through guns and bombs and the unsteady affections of Cassidy Adams, a blonde with a heart for pure gold, the scary attentions of a hit man who prefers a scalpel to a .38 and a baseball fan who'll kill them if the Cubs lose, Lou and Monk devise an amazing plan of vengeance against the mobs. All of them. At the same time.
If it works, they'll be rich. And who knows – maybe even alive.

SERIOUSLY...?: A Lou Fleener Thriller SERIOUSLY...?: A Lou Fleener Thriller $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME

The follow up to this years amazing premiere MISSING AMANDA, Lou, Monk and Cassie are hired to find...Nazis. In America in 1960, the idea of Nazis is crazy. But Lou meets one then a whole crowd of them. They have a plan, too; a mysterious plot that Lou and Monk will have to discover to save the life of their client, an old woman who survived the camps in WWII. Both thrilling and hilarious, with clever writing and drop dead action, SERIOUSLY...? is a delight from beginning to the TWO surprise endings.

COMING SOON! (She’s Got the) Devil in Her Heart

The third book in the exciting Lou Fleener, PI series is coming soon. me.

So, what’s it all about? Well…

Monk’s in California, in dire straits. Sal Leon, the gangster, has him captive with an aim to maim. Bonnie may—or maybe not—be an accomplice to that goal, which isn’t a good thing, considering Monk was considering proposing.

Lou and Cassidy meanwhile, are still in Chicago, spying on crooked Aldermen, threatened by flooded basements and aggressive jocks. Their vacation suddenly cut short by having no money, they travel cross-country in a very hot car to find out why.

Can they rescue Monk? Does he need to be rescued? Is Bonnie involved in this somehow? And most important (especially to the always-avaricious Cassidy) Where’s the money?

These and other important questions will be answered in the next volume of (She’s Got the) Devil in Her Heart!