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RE: Author Spotlight - Over 300 Downloads of the free first book in the series from last week's Spotlight.
PLUS, actual sales on the Box Set and other early titles from the series. Enough to recoup the cost of the promotion!
Posted By: Ted
Hi Amy - I'm pleased to say that yesterday, the last of my latest five Kindle Select free days...had 477 downloads...Hooray! I'm very impressed - especially since I'd never heard of your service (shame on me) until you mailed me speculatively. ...For your info, your total is higher than I got from Fussy Librarian, and (amazingly) not far short of this time's ENT total. The best result this time was from FreeBooksy, which always seems pretty successful - but is far more expensive than you. -- Peter
Posted By: Peter
Hi Amy: Thank you so much! I couldn't be happier with the (Mailing List Builder) results. And the new subscribers to my newsletter are really engaged, so it's perfect! I'll definitely be back (in fact, I may try something with your Christmas giveaway). -- Lisa
Posted By: Lisa
Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Author Spotlight feature yesterday.
I sold eighty full-price books and had just over 500 downloads of my free first-in-series which, considering I haven't released anything for six months, was a pretty amazing day.
Suffice to say, the feature was hugely effective and probably the best money I've spent in a long time!
Posted By: Sherri
...I was very pleased with my initial involvement with axp. Got over a 1000 names and over 40% open rate on my first mailing to them. This is one of the few promo schemes I've seen that actually works. Great job. ~ Lin Robinson
Posted By: Amy
A quick thank you - I've never worked with anyone so quick when it's come to reviews! Honestly, you're a star... it's brilliant to connect with readers. ~ Emily
Posted By: Emily
Thank you so much for this awesome service, I've got loads of new reviews through your site :) ~ H.
Posted By: H
"After testing the AuthorsXP mailing results against my own list and that from another provider's event, I concluded that the quality of your list was far better than anything else I’ve had so far. I hope that’s encouraging to you because it certainly is for me." - Author Marc Secchia
Posted By: Marc Secchia
Amy, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my Beta readers were!! I hit the jackpot with them. Thanks so much. I love your site. Exploring what I can use next. ~
Nora LeDuc
Posted By: Nora LeDuc
Amy... sent a welcome email out today to the new subscribers [from an AXP Mailing List Builder event] with a free exclusive book and a note about my newsletter offerings and a couple of other free book deals. So far --after only 4 hours--the open rate is 30% and the click rate at almost 15%. There was a 98% successful delivery rate--which is great considering the email addresses came from a raffle.Needless to say I'm very impressed...Keep up the good work! ~ Stephanie Queen, USA Today Bestselling Author
Posted By: Stephanie Queen

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