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Hi Amy - I'm pleased to say that yesterday, the last of my latest five Kindle Select free days...had 477 downloads...Hooray! I'm very impressed - especially since I'd never heard of your service (shame on me) until you mailed me speculatively. ...For your info, your total is higher than I got from Fussy Librarian, and (amazingly) not far short of this time's ENT total. The best result this time was from FreeBooksy, which always seems pretty successful - but is far more expensive than you. -- Peter
Posted By: Peter
Hi Amy: Thank you so much! I couldn't be happier with the (Mailing List Builder) results. And the new subscribers to my newsletter are really engaged, so it's perfect! I'll definitely be back (in fact, I may try something with your Christmas giveaway). -- Lisa
Posted By: Lisa
Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Author Spotlight feature yesterday.
I sold eighty full-price books and had just over 500 downloads of my free first-in-series which, considering I haven't released anything for six months, was a pretty amazing day.
Suffice to say, the feature was hugely effective and probably the best money I've spent in a long time!
Posted By: Sherri
...I was very pleased with my initial involvement with axp. Got over a 1000 names and over 40% open rate on my first mailing to them. This is one of the few promo schemes I've seen that actually works. Great job. ~ Lin Robinson
Posted By: Amy
A quick thank you - I've never worked with anyone so quick when it's come to reviews! Honestly, you're a star... it's brilliant to connect with readers. ~ Emily
Posted By: Emily
Thank you so much for this awesome service, I've got loads of new reviews through your site :) ~ H.
Posted By: H
"After testing the AuthorsXP mailing results against my own list and that from another provider's event, I concluded that the quality of your list was far better than anything else I’ve had so far. I hope that’s encouraging to you because it certainly is for me." - Author Marc Secchia
Posted By: Marc Secchia
Amy, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my Beta readers were!! I hit the jackpot with them. Thanks so much. I love your site. Exploring what I can use next. ~
Nora LeDuc
Posted By: Nora LeDuc
Amy... sent a welcome email out today to the new subscribers [from an AXP Mailing List Builder event] with a free exclusive book and a note about my newsletter offerings and a couple of other free book deals. So far --after only 4 hours--the open rate is 30% and the click rate at almost 15%. There was a 98% successful delivery rate--which is great considering the email addresses came from a raffle.Needless to say I'm very impressed...Keep up the good work! ~ Stephanie Queen, USA Today Bestselling Author
Posted By: Stephanie Queen
Just signed up for round 2. I went from 60 subscribers to 3000! THANK YOU Amy! ~ Author Maureen K. Howard
Posted By: Maureen Kovach

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