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So many requests! I remain amazed at the effectiveness of your promotions. I did a 50-stop blog tour and Rafflecopter giveaway and after all the dupes were omitted, I ended up with about 100 new names. Doing your Woman Sleuth promo, I ended up with over 1,500! Your membership is very active :) --- D.M. Barr
Posted By: DM Barr
Amy, You far exceeded my expectations with the mailing list from the KU event. I fully expect increased results as readers open Truth Kills over time.
I'm getting response already from the Elite Readers for Cash Kills, and am very happy with that, too. Bottom line - awesome job! I'll recommend AuthorsXP to anyone who's looking to make a splash with their books. Thanks for all the support, the reasonable prices, and the results. -- Nanci Rathbun
Posted By: Nanci Rathbun
"I so wish I had signed up with you at the very beginning of my first book being published. I paid three thousand dollars for courses --- all of which are great but who has the time for all that studying? If I'd just spent that with your site I would be in author heaven now!" - VL
Posted By: VL
"A friend referred me to your services and I'm glad she did...I love your services. You've really helped me grow my business.!!!"
Posted By: Tara Ames
I would just like to take the chance to thank you for the excellent services you have provided. As a new author its difficult to know which of the many services available in the publishing world to try out. I am really glad that I tried AXP. From the mailing list builders, to the promotions, and the review services; everything has run smoothly and provided a brilliant step upwards towards success.
Posted By: KT Davies
Doing well with the Author Spotlight. It's only been a few hours and so far FREE Wicked Torment has hit the Amazon #1 #Gothic FREE chart in the UK, and it's Amazon #4 Gothic FREE chart in the US. This book is also way up the overall FREE ranking in both Amazon UK & US. - Carole Mortimer
Posted By: Carole Mortimer
Just FYI, I’ve gotten almost 1800 downloads on Dose Vidanya so far in my book blaster-builder. If you want to use that stat! -- Colleen
Posted By: Colleen Helme
"I saw a real spike on my freebie day I booked last month. I only used your promo plus my usual social media and saw nearly 900 downloads that day." -- Rachel DeLune
Posted By: Rachel DeLune
I was very pleased to get 15 names rather than three!...I got some great suggestions and needed corrections from the group, improving my manuscript greatly. ...This was a great help to me and a bargain for the buck - thanks again! ~ Alexander Elliott
Posted By: Alexander Elliott
"Thank you Amy! I really appreciate your read and review service and I will definitely use it again." - Traci Wooden-Carlisle
Posted By: Traci Wooden-Carlisle

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