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Your program is fantastic. I've had many positive responses and the corrections are worth gold. Kudos. - Lisa Cherry
Posted By: Lisa Cherry
Between the Street team and the Elite Readers I've sent out 65 ARC's in two days. Already got one review. LOL I'll be singing the praises of authorxp forever! --Joshua C. Cook
Posted By: Joshua C. Cook
...Also wanted to tell you the Beta Readers were fabulous!! Met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you. --- Nora LeDuc
Posted By: Nora LeDuc
Amy, the Author Spotlight paid off. 84 signups in 3 days, the week after the new book came out! The Spotlight really helped push the new book. Thank you very much. -- Carmen Amato
Posted By: Carmen
Amy’s help launching my latest book allowed me not only to hit high on the Amazon charts, but, more importantly, gave me the confidence and knowledge to create and manage effective launches in the future under my own sail. She was there to answer every question and helped every step of the way with advice and suggestions personalized for me and my books. I highly recommend her Author Support Program.
Posted By: Marcus Cootsona
The promo did so well, I signed up for more! -- Lynn Whitbeck
Posted By: Lynn Whitbeck
I just wanted to let you know that I contacted every one of the potential Beta readers who responded and have been really delighted by the response. My email software says that of 59 people, 37 have so far opened the email and 23 have so far downloaded the book.
What's amazing to me is that I already have three really thorough responses, people who have really put time and effort into making truly useful comments that will help me make the book better.
For the last fifteen months I have been working with a marketing company who were unable to do anything even half as useful and I really look forward to trying out your other services. --- Alexander Charalambides
Posted By: Alexander Charalambides
FYI, so far the results of your promotions have FAR exceeded my expectations. In the Mystery promo we got about 1600 emails; my first mailing (I waited, as you suggested) was opened by over 40% of them in 48 hours, and more than 70 people requested a copy of my free gift book. In the Action promo, 600+ new subscribers came, more than 40% opened the first email (also within the first 48 hours) and more than 40 requested the free gift book. Both times, they replied right away, and I'm already getting reviews. My "newsletter," which took two years to get to around 500 subscribers, is now over 2000 after just two few months with you, and is much more engaged. -- Dan Alatorre
Posted By: Dan Alatorre
Thank you for allowing me to Beta read for the authors you represent.
It has been a privilege to read their work and I have become friends with many of the writers. I have looked forward to each novel.
Being a Beta reader has been a wonderful experience far exceeding my expectations. ~ Barbara
Posted By: barbara
Loving the results from Series Spotlight yesterday! Wish every day was so spectacular! It even prompted increased sales in other series this morning!! --- Loni Lynne
Posted By: Loni Lynne

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