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I just wanted to let you know that I contacted every one of the potential Beta readers who responded and have been really delighted by the response. My email software says that of 59 people, 37 have so far opened the email and 23 have so far downloaded the book. What's amazing to me is that I already have three really thorough responses, people who have really put time and effort into making truly useful comments that will help me make the book better. For the last fifteen months I have been working with a marketing company who were unable to do anything even half as useful and I really look forward to trying out your other services. --- Alexander Charalambides

It seems no matter how many editors we run our books through, there are always a few typos that sneak through.  This is no reflection on our editors --- just proof of how impossible it is to get a book perfect.

And I know we all love getting bad reviews because someone found a typo.

Personally, I love it when readers send me emails letting me know they spotted a typo so I can fix it. If you do too, I have a great new service for you!

I asked my Beta Readers -- my elite eschelon of AXP reader members -- if they'd be interested in free books in order to search for typos, and hundreds of them across all genres responded with an enthusiastic YES!

I'm going to be incentivizing these readers with prizes to read your books for typos and you reap the rewards! Clean up your books until they're pristine and meet my best readers in the process --- real gems.


    • You'll get as many eyeballs as sign up to read your book --- could be a couple, could be a LOT more. Beta requests, for example, generally get between seven and thirty readers. Depends on genre and overall interest.
    • The typo killers will talk to you directly and report typos directly to you. You can ask them to provide their input anyway you see fit. New manuscript? You can send them a WORD doc. Old book? You can ask them to read a MOBI and jot down their findings. Whatever works best for the both of you. 
    • GET BONUS REVIEWS! Once they read the book, why wouldn't they review? Just ask them!
    • Because these are my best people, they're wonderful readers to have relationships with. They could end up on your street teams, become regular reviewers, become fans! And these are good fans to have!

Important Notes:

  • Just remember, these are real people, not employees so don't be mean to them! If you have any issues, just tell me.
  • Typo Killers are not required to review and the prizes they qualify for as a Typo Killers have no bearing on reviewing. They are not being incentivized to review. Once you know them as readers though, there's no harm in asking.


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