1. Book Promotion Site List

...with ratings and reviews so you can avoid the ones that cost $$ and provide zippo. Sure, lists like this are all over the web and personally cultivated by many, but this one will be a living breathing thing thanks to the reviews and comments. For new authors looking to market, this would be a great place to start.

2. Book Blogger/Reviewer List

Don't pay for reviews! Amazon will catch you. Bad things will happen. But you need reviews! Find book bloggers and reviewers here.

3. List of Cover Designers

Another list, this one of cover designers, again with ratings and comments from authors. I've used four since I started publishing, and it wasn't that long ago. Sometimes the person you love for one genre doesn't do another. Sometimes things just don't work out. Find another here!

4. List of Editors

Read the description for Cover Designers and wherever it says "Cover Designers" drop in "Editors." Bingo Bango.

5. A Newsletter Cross-Promotion List of Authors

Hundreds of thousands of Indie authors are out there building newsletter lists from their MailChimps and Constant Contacts and WordPresses. He's got 300, she's got 2000... But together they have 2300! This list helps you find authors will to slip mention of your book/promo into their next mailing. You can do the same for them. Your readers will thank you for exposing them to new books, and you'll gathering new eyeballs as well. Some of those eyeballs will buy your books and join your list. More list members to share!  

6. Other Services

Web design and other services useful for authors!


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