Jumpstart Your Indie Writer Career

Frustrated Learning How to Market Your Book?

You did the hard part - you wrote your first book (maybe your second or twentieth!) But now it's time to market...and there's SO MUCH to know and do.

  • Don't get ripped off by "publishers" promising you the moon.
  • Don't throw money at bad or malicious promotion sites.
  • Don't slowly collect information over the course of several years while you figure out the best moves to make.
  • Do it right from the beginning.

Let bestselling author Amy Vansant give you a leg up!

In short, I'll take the years it took me to figure out the basics (with the help of many other writers - it takes a village...) and hand it all to you gift-wrapped! (metaphorically speaking - ribbons not included). I'll also throw in marketing for your book on AuthorsXP.com.

Here's a loose list of things I provide (in addition to a lot of question answering and hand-holding):

  • Daily Deal Newsletter Inclusion 
  • Special Request for Reviews to the Elite Reviewers AND Genre Groups 
  • Newsletter Swap Club inclusion 
  • Spotlight Mailing- newsletter featuring your new book/series 
  • Personal launch recommendations and to-do checklist 

    Additional tips, advice and personal consultation including: 
  • Shooting for Amazon best seller status/or USA Today best seller listing
  • Setting up your books on Amazon KDP
  • Help finding cover designers and editors
  • Pre-order or not to preorder
  • Tilting the scales in your favor with Amazon algorhythms
  • Tips for getting valuable "also read" inclusions on Amazon
  • Tips for setting up Bookbub, Facebook and Amazon ads & graphics
  • Valuable TO-DO list so you don't miss opportunities
  • Cover review and suggestions
  • Blurb Review/Writing
  • Personal Web Site consultation (web site/email marketing plan redesign available at additional, but reduced cost.)
  • My personal list of other promotional sites and when and how to use them

$1000 for hours of private consultation and personalized help. This isn't a generalized marketing help book, this is a real person answering your unique questions and offering help customized for your situation.

I wish I could do it for free, but it's a lot of time and work! But in the end, it should save you ten times as much. This isn't a pie-in-the-sky promise of riches - this is gaining a "life coach" for being an Indie author, putting you on the right path and saving you years of expensive trial and error. 

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