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AXP has a new way to gain Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Newsletter and BookBub followers!



Gaining Twitter and Facebook followers is a no-brainer, but why Amazon and BookBub? Because the more followers you have the more people are notified by those sites when you release a new book or run a promotion!

Also, BookBub recently announced they'll be offering Pre-Order Alerts. As you probably know, BookBub is the undisputed leader of book marketing sites, so that's good news - they're offering a new way to promote!

One problem: You can only participate if you have 1000 followers on BookBub.

Guess how many I had when they announced this? 927. Doh!

I don't usually even do pre-orders, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility that this new 1000 minimum will soon apply to other things. So now AXP is offering a way to build your BookBub followers, too!

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  • You don't need to do anything but sign up and promote the giveaway to your readers - I take care of the rest! (gifting winners etc.) Many of your own readers probably haven't thought to follow you (or gotten around to it), and now they can win something for doing it!
  • The cost covers the gifts (Amazon gift cards.) I don't usually giveaway money because I only want real READERS - but in this case all the marketing is targeted to proven readers so no problem there.
  • AXP also promotes to the AXP master list, social media, etc. so your new followers will be coming from a much larger pool than just your own list.
  • You can see the current event here:
  • Yes, I've since hit over 1000 BookBub followers, so it works... :)
  • I keep the events small so readers don't get lost with all the options.
  • You can request followers for one or all three sites at one time (cost is multiplied).
  • Not sure how many BookBub followers you have? Just go to your BookBub partner's dashboard.
  • Also try gaining Amazon followers by using their Giveaways. This is a way to tap another crowd that maybe doesn't look for Amazon giveaways.