If you have a group of writers and would like to have a private Mailing List Builder Giveaway event, where all the books featured are books from your member authors, please just send me an email and we'll see what can be done! 

These events work like any other event, except instead of the theme being a genre, the theme is your group. This is a great way to create brand awareness for your group or to create an event that focuses on an unusual genre or topic.

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Mailing List Promotion Event


Sign up here for the now famous Mailing List Building Giveaway event!  Gain hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of genre specific reader emails to add to your own mailing list!

Can't Miss Marketing Events for Authors

AUTHORS: These are the upcoming mailing list builder events, but you can sign up for any category and you'll be included when that event happens!

MAY 1-31- MEGA MULTI-GENRE Mailing List Builder Event!
16-22 Womens Fiction
23-29 Romantic Suspense
30-June 6 Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
7-13 Cooking/Culinary/Recipe
14-20 Action/Adventure
28 Cozy/Humorous Mystery
4-10 Beach Reads
11-17 Sci-Fi
18-24 Historical Romances
25-31 New Adult
1-7 Crime/Suspense/Thriller
8-14 Paranormal Romance
15-21 Western/Amer. Romances
22-29 Women Sleuths
5-11 Audio Books
12-18 Non-Fiction
19-25 Paranormal Thriller

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