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Build your author mailing list! 

Recent events have pulled between 500-2000+ emails for the participants!

Join an AXP Newsletter/Mailing List Builder Cross-Promotion Giveaway Event!

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What is it? 

  • AXP runs a giveaway event for readers, featuring authors who have signed up to be in the event. Emails collected during this event are then given to the participating authors. Example of a live event: https://authorsxp.com/giveaway
  • The event features 10+ authors from a particular genre so the emails are from readers who will appreciate THAT genre.
  • 1 week long
  • The authors featured in the event email their own reader newsletter/list about the giveaway (Tweets, etc) during the week.
  • Authors do not "donate" their mailing list  - they only promote the giveaway to their list. It's up to readers on each list to decide if they want to enter.
  • There is a note on the giveaway entry form so entrants understand they're sharing their email with all the participating authors.
  • AXP provides graphics/text/code for your newsletter/mailing so you don't have to do anything but cut and paste.  
  • Readers sign up to win books! NOT MONEY. This means entries are from readers, not people who just want cash.
  • At the end of the event, all the emails collected are given to the authors. 
  • Your book does NOT have to be free or discounted at the time of the event. Better it isn't! Who wants to win something already free? :)
  • Only the winners of the giveaway get books. I pick the winners at the end of the event and the authors send ONE to each grand prize winner and ONE to the winner of their individual book. Total cost to author: 3 BOOKS.
  • Prizes are ONLY eBOOKS - Not print, audio, etc.
  • COST: $35 and 3 ebook.

What you do:

  1. Add your book to the database (you'll need to be signed up and logged in first)
  2. Before the event starts you'll be provided with promotional graphics/content to send to your current mailing list (Works with any mailing system you use: MailChimp, Constant Contact, WordPress - however you mail your fans and followers!)
  3. All the participating authors share the giveaway event with their list and social media - you instantly gain the power of 10+ authors!

What you get:

  1. A copy of the full email list of subscribers to add to your own email lists.
  2. New social media followers.
  3. A permanent listing for your book(s) on AuthorsXP.com
  4. The full support of AXP every step of the way - worried you won't be able to figure out how to add the promotion to your mailing? We're here for you!
  5. Your novel exposed to tons of new readers!

Readers will:

  1. Enter their email on the giveaway page to win.
  2. Follow the authors on social media for additional chances to win a second package of books.
  3. Win books!



Mailing List Promotion Event


Get in on the next Mailing List Building Giveaway event in your genre and gain THOUSANDS of genre specific reader emails to add to your own mailing list!


These are the upcoming events, but you can sign up for any category and you'll be included when that event happens!

  • Jan. 24th-30th: SCI-FI 
  • Jan. 31- Feb. 6th: WESTERN ROMANCES
  • Feb. 7-13: FANTASY 
  • Feb. 28- March 6: HISTORICAL FICTION
  • March 7-13: YOUNG/NEW ADULT
  • March 21-27: HUMOR
  • March 28-April 3: COZY MYSTERIES
  • April 4-10: SWEET ROMANCES
  • April 18-24: STEAMY ROMANCES

Authors: Sign up for these or any genre event!
Readers: Enter the current giveaway!


Amy, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my Beta readers were!! I hit the jackpot with them. Thanks so much. I love your site. Exploring what I can use next. ~ Nora LeDuc
Nov 07, 2016