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F.P. Spirit has always loved fantasy. From the moment he received his very first copy of Lord of the Rings back in high school, he was hooked. Today, somewhere between work and family, F. P. manages to write young adult sword and sorcery fiction. 

His series, Heroes of Ravenford, chronicles the adventures of a young band of misfits in the dangerous world of Thac. The last book in the series, The Baron's Heart, is due out this fall.

To learn more, you can go to his website (, sign up for his newsletter (, or follow him on Twitter (

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Co-Author Kathryn Fogleman:Keeper of dragons and lover of coffee, Kathryn always has a devious plot brewing in her cauldron and any number of bad ideas hidden under her pointy wizard hat. She puts those bad ideas down on paper, dumps a few tortured heroes to her cauldron, and uses the ingredients to summon a story idea! Then she throws the story idea into the dungeon overflowing with all her other works in progress. Yeah. She loves her job. Be sure to catch her online and follow her crazy antics!
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The Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford Book 1) The Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford Book 1) kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy


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Epic young adult fantasy readers praise Ruins on Stone Hill!
"Sword and Sorcery doesn't get any better than this. I couldn't put it down!" 5-Stars 
"The characters are exceptionally well developed and the battle scenes are entertaining and polished. Highly recommended!" 5-Stars
"It hooked me from the first chapter and I found myself wondering what was going to happen next." 5-Stars
"Entertaining and fast paced with wonderful characters. They are courageous and daring, and funny with a heart. My favorite kind of book." 5-Stars
"If you love classic fantasy with a great cast of characters, you've got to read this book. Highly recommend and can't wait to read the next book in the series!" 5-Stars

Magic is easy. 

That's what Glolindir thought, until he came across his first real monster. 

Luckily, he survived, thanks to his new "friends."

Lloyd, the reckless young warrior with blades of fire. 

Seth, the sarcastic halfling who might be an assassin.

Aksel, the genius little gnome whose very touch can heal.

Little did they know that things were about to go from bad to worse.

After one hundred and fifty years of relative peace, dark forces stir around the little town of Ravenford—monsters, black magic, creatures of the night.

The only thing standing between Ravenford and certain destruction is this band of young misfits.

*2nd Revised Edition March 2018

The Serpent Cult (Heroes of Ravenford Book 2) The Serpent Cult (Heroes of Ravenford Book 2) kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy

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The thrilling continuation of the Heroes of Ravenford series!

Things just got a lot more dangerous for Glolindir and friends. 

After barely surviving encounters with monsters, undead, and black mages, they discovered the truth behind it all. A dark cult had set its sights on the little town of Ravenford. 

Now the young elven wizard and company truly have their work cut out for them. Not only do they have to protect the town, but also the Lady Andrella, for she might be the cult's real target.

On top of that, strange things are happening just off the coast of town. Ships headed for Ravenford are being sunk by a giant "sea monster."

When the young heroes are sent to investigate, they find a strange mystery of moving lighthouses, sunken ships, and three seemingly innocent, but powerful sisters. 

From the depths of the sea to Ravenford keep, they follow a twisted trail of intrigue and danger. Can they save the town from an army of dark cultists, monsters, and perhaps worst of all, diplomatic officials?

The Dark Monolith: Heroes of Ravenford Book 3 The Dark Monolith: Heroes of Ravenford Book 3  kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy


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The exciting next installment of the Heroes of Ravenford series!

After an epic battle with a dark cult, things should have smoothed out for the young heroes. Right? Wrong.

Seth crosses paths with a mysterious gypsy and together they make a gruesome discovery. Deadly magic from the time of the Thrall Wars might still exist and the Serpent Cult is after it.

It's up to the young heroes to seek out the truth in the Darkwoods, but first they must deal with the Duke of Dunwynn. The Duke has declared them traitors and they must prove themselves in trial by combat or be banished from Ravenford forever. 

From the tournament fields of Ravenford Keep to the depths of the Darkwoods, the young heroes face fierce monsters, horrific demons, and political exile.

Can they find the Dark Monolith before the cultists? And if they do, what black magic awaits them there?

Princess of Lanfor (Heroes of Ravenford Book 4) Princess of Lanfor (Heroes of Ravenford Book 4) kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy


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The delightful fourth installment of the Heroes of Ravenford series!

Nothing is ever easy. Just when the young heroes think they've won the day, things get even more dangerous.

Powerful dragons stalk the woods outside the Dark Monolith. Add to that the flying fortress that appears on the horizon. 

The Princess of Lanfor has come to claim the Thrall Masters' secrets and she is as maniacal as she is beautiful. With an army of dragons at her command, who could stand against her?

If that were not enough, the Serpent Cult is making one last bid for power. They intend to release an ancient evil that could ultimately destroy the entire land.

From the depths of the Darkwoods to the hidden mountain stronghold of the cult, the young heroes face their greatest challenges yet.

*Revised Edition April 2018

Princess of Lanfor (Heroes of Ravenford Book 4)

NEW! The Baron's Heart: Heroes of Ravenford Book 5  kindle unlimited logo $4.99 to buy

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The gripping conclusion of the Heroes of Ravenford series!

One thing has become very clear: the darkness continues to grow.

The Baron of Ravenford has been assassinated—brutally murdered in the dead of night. 

Even more gruesome, his heart was stolen. With the body magically preserved, there’s only a short window of time to find it and resurrect him. Once again, it’s up to the young heroes to seek out the truth. 

Who murdered Gryswold and why? Where did they take his heart? Was it an act of jealousy or is there a more sinister motive behind it all?

On top of that, why are people suddenly disappearing from town? Does it have anything to do with rumors of a Dunwynn occupation? Are there darker forces at work?

From the underside of Vermoorden to the catacombs beneath Ravenford itself, the heroes face lethal assassins, creatures of the night, and an imminent invasion. Can they protect Ravenford and still find the baron’s heart in time?