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Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

The Monarch's Daughter (Kindle Vella)

"No crying in front of humans, my daughter." Those were the last words that Flynae's father, the Monarch of their people, said to her, moments before Lord Kovad Thyde killed him in front of her. Without the Monarch to keep them in check, the evil rulers are now free to use Flynae's royal body how they see fit. How will the human that loves her protect her from more powerful forces at work? Get lost and fall in love with this dark fantasy story as enemies become lovers and save each other. This story is part of the Kindle Vella program. The first three episodes are free to read.

Author:Tirzah M.M. Hawkins
Closed Campus

Jane is on her first night shift at the university radio station when the apocalypse begins… Will she be safe in the cozy studio as the snow-covered world outside turns into a blood-spattered nightmare? An unputdownable horror thriller.

Author:Gayle Katz
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Sour Roots

Roger and Gertrude Davis enjoy an idyllic existence in the small Appalachian town of Harper Pass. With vast landholdings, a successful business, and love for the family they’ve built, they’ve avoided the suffering The Great Depression has wrought on the area until it all comes crashing down on a sweltering summer day in 1932. With the twin daughters they dote on gone missing and ominous signs of foul play evident, a suspect quickly emerges. But not everything is always what it seems. Amidst the murder, madness, and mayhem, they soon learn there’s blood to pay when the past comes calling.

Author:Shawn Burgess
Fly Me to the Moon

After finagling a job on board an outer space cruise ship, Sylvia Stryker is ready to explore all that outer space has to offer. With a private room in the staff quarters, her robot cat by her side, and the responsibilities of uniform management, she couldn't be more thrilled--until she discovers the second navigation officer dead in the inventory closet. Neptune, the head of ship security, finds Sylvia's presence to be the most suspicious part of the incident, but despite his efforts to pin the murder on Sylvia, she won't accept how the clues are unfolding. Juggling red shirts, white lies, and little green men, Sylvia has to expose a murderer or trade the expanse of outer space for a much smaller space...behind bars. Fly Me to the Moon is the quirky first mystery featuring uniform lieutenant Sylvia Stryker. If you like unique characters, adventurous plots, and cool space fashion, you’ll love Diane Vallere’s entertaining interstellar series.

Author:Diane Vallere
Paperback Price15.99
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For a relic of war, death is my inevitable release.

Most people can’t kill without regret, but I don’t have that luxury. I am a tank-created nu-human, and my sole purpose hinges on the whims of my tyrannical maniac creator. Town annihilations to political assassinations—I never disobey.

Until I want more.

When I escape beyond the realm of my former master, my only goal is safety—freedom—a life I always wanted. I should have known my creator would send deadly pursuers. He wants to remind me of what I’m never fated to have.

Then destiny tempts me with the unexpected.

When a dragon—a creature said to be long extinct—offers me a chance at true freedom from my former master’s control, I don't know what to believe. In my line of work, trust kills. But something is different about this creature....

With nothing to lose, I agree to his terms. Now, I wait. Will he give me the freedom I crave, or did I seal my fate?

DESTINY is the first book in the Experimental Heart epic romantic urban-science fantasy series. If you love fantasy mixed with science fiction, strong willed heroines overcoming the torment of their past, fate vs choice, and a dash of slow burn romance, dive into the world of Lumaraeon today!

Author:Shannon Pemrick