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Hawaiian Mysteries

As an author, Jeanne Burrows-Johnson embraces her lifetime experiences in the performing arts, education, and marketing. Academically, she was accepted for membership in Phi Beta Kappa, while completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in history at the University of Hawai`i. During graduate studies and a teaching assistantship, she became a member of Phi Alpha Theta. She's also a member of the National Writers Union, Sisters in Crime, Arizona Mystery Writers, and a Lifetime Member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing, Highland Division. Jeanne' inspiration for storytelling is rooted in theatrical training during her youth and grew with the colorful tales shared by myriad characters in her life.

In the co-authored book, UNDER SONORAN SKIES, Prose and Poetry from the High Desert, Jeanne's contributions included historical articles, design of the evocative cover, and indexing of its broad-spectrum contents. Having been a resident of Hawai`i for 20 years, it's not surprising that her Natalie Seachrist mysteries are set in its lush and multicultural environment. While sampling Island life and pan-Pacific history, Jeanne's readers join in the heroine's contemplation of haunting visions and puzzling deaths. The award-winning PROSPECT FOR MURDER and MURDER ON MOKULUA DRIVE have been joined by MURDERS OF CONVEYANCE, a winner in the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. This third book in the series takes place during a Chinese New Year scavenger hunt across O`ahuas as Natalie, Keoni and Miss Una explore two murders separated by sixty years.

You'll find Island recipes, a comprehensive glossary of terms included in the mysteries and more information about Jeanne's projects at her author website, You can also learn about CONVERSATIONS WITH AUNTIE CAROL, a print and audio book project that will present interviews with an elderly Hawaiian woman from `Ulupalakua, Maui, who was dancing hula in Waikīkī on December 6, 1941. There's also a link to Jeanne's blog that helps creative professionals examine issues in shaping, refining, and marketing their work. Please use the contact forms on her websites to drop her a note . . .

Prospect for Murder (Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Cozy Mystery 1) (A Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Cozy Myster)Prospect for Murder (Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Cozy Mystery 1) (Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries) $1.99 for a limited time!

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Retired travel writer Natalie Seachrist has had visions since childhood. But the sight of a girl's lifeless body draped over a vintage Mustang shatters her personal world when she learns her vision has been prescient. The horrible truth is that her twin's granddaughter Ariel is dead!

While the Honolulu Police Department conducts its customary investigation, Natalie decides to move into the Makiki apartment complex where her grandniece died. Aided by her friend Keoni Hewitt, a retired police detective, and her fleet-footed feline companion Miss Una, Natalie begins her very personal on-site sleuthing.

She soon discovers the fascinating Shànghai origins of apartment owners Pearl Wong and her sister Jade Bishop…and more than a little discord. Will Natalie be able to solve the riddle of Ariel's death before the police close their investigation without an arrest? Or has Natalie put herself in the way of a killer who's willing to murder again to hide their secret? 

Murder on Mokulua Drive (A Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Cozy Mystery Book 2)Murder on Mokulua Drive (Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries Book 2) $4.99

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN | Also available in paperback and hardback.

A vision of a predawn escape by boat from Denmark seems confusing to Journalist Natalie Seachrist. She has no idea that scenes apparently from a World War II movie will impact her modern life in Hawai’i. Soon, she and boyfriend, private investigator Keoni Hewitt, move into the Lanikai cottage she recently inherited. The warm welcome they receive from human rights activist Miriam Didión and her housemates sets an ideal tone for life in the seaside neighborhood. As Natalie throws Keoni a birthday party everybody, including Natalie’s feline companion Miss Una, have become fast friends. 

Abruptly, everyone’s life changes when a body is found at Miriam’s home. Eerily, the murder parallels another of Natalie’s visions of a scuba diver garroting a woman by moonlight. Again, Natalie must reveal her murderous vision to Keoni’s former partner, Honolulu Police Detective John Dias.  Discovery of a suspect’s body on Diamond Head Beach suggests resolution of the crime and Natalie and her new friends can relax. But a day of playing tourist at historic Kawai Nui Marsh devolves and Natalie and her friends are suddenly in the cross hairs of a dangerous adversary.  

Murders of Conveyance (A Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Cozy Myster Book 3)Murders of Conveyance (Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries Book 3) $4.99

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN | Also available in paperback and hardback.

MURDERS OF CONVEYANCE, winner of Fiction, Adventure-Drama in the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

The First Annual Aloha Scavenger Hunt is beginning. Journalist Natalie Seachrist, private investigator Keoni Hewitt, and mainland friends Margie and Dan O`Hara are joining in the fun. Before departing for their Honolulu hotel, Natalie dreams of a film noire whodunit. Immersed in the action, she finds a man’s body lying in a mid-1950s hotel, and watches an elegant woman search an adjacent room. After a murder occurs outside their suite, Natalie advises HPD Lieutenant John Dias that the details eerily parallel her “dream.” Knowing the reliability of her unusual gift, the Lieutenant asks Natalie and Keoni to watch for clues to either death as the scavenger hunt continues. 

After more visions, Natalie is convinced that the site of her earlier “dream” was in Chinatown and that the perpetrator in both crimes, a woman in a red suit. A false scavenger hunt clue’s allusion to a priceless Kuan Yin statue suggests a cause for the disappearance of a man in the 1950s. Is this the man Natalie envisioned in a narrow hotel hallway? Is his death linked to that of the professor? And what of the false clue’s reference to hidden treasure? Are these coincidences? Or, has Natalie’s visioning revealed a murderer with long hidden secrets?