Linda grew up in Loveland, Colorado, the youngest of six children. She moved with her parents to California when she was 16 and spent the next 16 years of her life in the Bay Area before moving home to Colorado and finally to Wyoming. 

"Justice for Katie" took top medalist honors in Mysteries in the 2015 New Apple Literary Services Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing. 

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Too Cute To Kill (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 1) Too Cute To Kill (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 1) $2.99 
Emma Rand can't understand people who consider the countryside a dumping ground for whatever they no longer want. Living on ten acres outside of Casper, Wyoming, she's seen everything from pets to appliances dumped along her fence line but when she spies something propped against her fence after a blizzard, she never expects to find a body.

When the police investigation stalls, she and her husband, Jake, set out to unravel the puzzle of who she is and how she met her lonely fate. What they uncover will rock this small western town to its core.
Main Street Murder (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 2) Main Street Murder (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 2) $2.99 


Accidental detectives Jake and Emma Rand are back in their second adventure. Spring is coming to their home in the shadow of Casper Mountain and Emma can't wait to see tulips and daffodils crowd out the snow that has covered her flower beds all winter. Then the May Day Blizzard hits, trapping the citizens of Casper, Wyoming in their homes, closing roads and shutting down highways out of town.

When murder strikes in spite of the snow, Detective Matt Joyner of the Casper Police Department quickly turns up the heat on his prime suspect - Emma's friend, Kristy Castle! As Casper celebrates the annual Summer Solstice Parade and Rodeo, Jake and Emma fight to prove Kristy's innocence. She's hiding a terrible secret, but is she a killer? A cozy mystery in the classic style.


Justice for Katie (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 3) Justice for Katie (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 3) $0.00
In 1985, budding author Jeb Cannon discovers the decomposed body of a young woman while riding fence with his father on their wind-swept Wyoming ranch. The case quickly goes cold but her memory haunts his imagination.

Thirty years and a number of best-selling thrillers later, Cannon asks Detective Matt Joyner to help him finally find justice for the woman, whom he has dubbed "Katie."

Joyner has his hands full investigating the modern-day murder of an Assistant County Attorney so Jake and Emma Rand step in to take a fresh look at the decades old case. When they uncover a link between Katie's death and the murder of the Casper ACA, they may finally unmask the mysterious "Boss" that has been orchestrating a campaign of murder and deception.
Death Changes Everything (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 4) Death Changes Everything (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 4) $3.99 
The chill in the air isn't the only change October is bringing to Casper, Wyoming. Jake Rand, local attorney specializing in juvenile cases, is being courted to run for county attorney and a killer is stalking one of the city's leading families. With Casper's only homicide detective out of commission, Jake and his wife Emma, a therapist in private practice, step in to crack the case. Will the accidental detectives be able to keep the killer from striking again?
"Death Changes Everything" is the fourth book in The Jake and Emma Mystery series. If you like your mysteries on the cozy side, with challenging puzzles and characters you'd be happy to call friends, this series is sure to be one of your favorites.
Body on the Ballot (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 5) Body on the Ballot (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 5) $3.99
Jealousy, hatred and domestic terrorism -- how can one little primary in one little town pack such a big punch? By the time election day comes, there may be more than one body on this ballot.
Jake Rand is running for County Attorney in Casper, Wyoming, but someone seems determined to keep him out of office. There's only a week before voters head to the polls, and it's shaping up to be a very bad one. Protesters, punches, stabbings and shootings - politics isn't just personal in Casper, it's downright deadly!
It isn't long before the police make an arrest, but Jake isn't sure they've got the right man. He wants to win the election, but sending an innocent man to prison isn't part of his campaign plan.