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F E E D    Y O U R    R E A D
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Best Sweet Romance Books

Best Clean and Wholesome Sweet Romance Books


clean and wholesome sweet romance

Clean and wholesome romance novels are a niche genre of romance novels, usually written for a Christian or young adult audience. These books often have an emphasis on the purity of the love between the protagonists and may include themes such as religion, virginity, chastity, and abstinence.

The term "clean" refers to the use of profanity, sexuality, and explicit violence in a book. This particular genre has been around for decades but it became popular in the 1980s when Harlequin Enterprises released their first line of "sweet" romances. It has since become one of the most popular genres in the industry because it is an easy read that does not contain any explicit content or profanity. 

Often, the stories focus on the relationship between two people and how they overcome challenges to be together. Themes of love, intimacy, and emotional connection are prevalent in these novels. 

They usually include a “happily ever after", so get one of these uplifting clean and wholesome sweet romances today!

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Best Christmas Sweet Romances

best-christmas-sweet-romance-books.jpgWhat goes better with the holidays than a sweet Christmas romance novel?

These holiday novels seem pulled right out of Hallmark Channel movies (or is it the other way around??)

So many classic tropes come from these sweet Christmas romance books... couples huddling over hot chocolate, ladies falling on the ice only to be caught by Big Strong Handsome Man, couples learning about each other (or aguing to keep the tension rolling) while building snowmen, and, of course, opening and sharing gifts.

Don't forget kisses under the mistletoe!

If you like a sweet Christmas romance book during your breaks from shopping and decorating, try one of the ones below. Happy Endings Guaranteed!

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