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Best Cozy Mystery Books

Best Irish Cozy Mystery Books

Best British Cozy Mystery Books

Cozy mystery is a genre of detective fiction distinguished by its focus on personal relationships and manners as well as its setting in a small community. Thanks to writers like Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Margery Allingham, you could say the Europe pretty much invented this subgenre of mystery!

These novels typically involve murder or other crimes, but the focus is on the community and social interaction among the characters.

The best Irish cozy mystery books are all about solving the murder case in a small town with no shortage of suspects.

The crime in an Irish cozy mystery is usually solved by an amateur sleuth with no special training other than their common sense and clues to solve crimes.

The best part is that these stories almost always end with a happy resolution. They're perfect for curling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and some biscuits while you enjoy solving each puzzle alongside your favorite detective.

If you're in need of a fun, "gentle murder" try one of these top Irish mysteries!

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Best Southern Cozy Mysteries


best southern cozy mysteries

Southern cozy mystery books are a subgenre of the mystery genre. They are set in the southern United States and usually contain some sort of small-town setting. They often involve an amateur detective, like Miss Marple or Mrs. Fletcher, who solves crimes with little to no help from police or other professionals.

The first Southern Cozy Mystery book was published back in 1983 and since then the genre has become increasingly popular among readers.

The southern cozy mystery books are set in the south and usually contain humor and quirky characters. They are typically written for an audience who enjoy reading about small-town life, history, and culture.

Some common themes found in Southern Cozy Mystery books are:

-A strong sense of community

-The past's influence on the present

-The importance of family

The genre of southern cozy mystery books is one of the most popular genres in the U.S. The popularity of this genre has been increasing over the past few years and it is not expected to stop anytime soon.

There are many reasons why southern cozy mystery books are so popular these days. One reason could be that people like reading about murders and other crimes, but they want to read about them in a way that doesn't make them feel guilty or bad for enjoying it. This genre allows people to do that because the murders are always solved by the end of each book and there is no violence or sexual content involved.


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Best Romantic Cozy Mysteries

Romantic cozy mystery novels are usually set in the present day and feature a single woman protagonist who solves a mystery. The protagonist is usually an amateur sleuth or has some other occupation such as a librarian, secretary, or nurse. The books are typically set in small towns or villages and the protagonist often has some kind of personal dilemma that she overcomes as part of solving the mystery.

Romantic Cozy Mysteries are a subgenre of the mystery genre that is typically characterized by a small-town setting, a romance between the lead characters and an amateur sleuth who solves crimes. The heroine is usually intelligent, independent, and resourceful. The hero is typically someone who has had some kind of dark past or who has a mystery to solve. The story revolves around the two main characters and their relationship as they solve crimes together.

Romantic cozy mysteries are a great place to escape the troubles of the real world! The atmosphere is pleasant, welcoming, and comfortable. The romantic cozy mystery itself is light on gore and violence so you can solve a mystery and enjoy a gentle, even-tempered tone and a happy ending.


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Best Cozy Mystery Books with Recipes

cozy mysteries with recipesSome things have perfect synergy, and cozy mysteries and cooking is one of them. Amazon has three major cozy mystery categories, animals, crafts and hobbies and the one you're here to find out about: culinary. Because readers of cozy mysteries often have interests in baking as well, it makes sense that some authors have started including recipes in their cozy mystery novels!

Joanna Fluke's popular Hannah Swensen cozy mysteries come with recipes, for example.  And if you type "cozy mysteries with recipes" into Amazon, you can find a lot more. What's better than curling up with a good mystery and then rewarding yourself with a batch of cookies?


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Very few genres fit the holiday season better than Christmas cozy mysteries, It's even in the name, cozy — brings to mind curling by a roaring fire on a winter's night with a good book and a cup of tea — all of which are cozy mystery tropes. Throw in a cat or dog curled at your feet and you've completed the picture.

Cozy mysteries often take place in an idealized world where no one curses, people are murdered (often comically, or with no real evidence of pain or tragedy) and any romance takes place behind closed doors —  if it takes place at all. Really, if we all lived in a cozy mystery, things might be sweet for a little while, but then we'd all die off from lack of procreation! (that is, if you weren't killed by a poisoned fruit cake first).

But are the Christmas holidays ever really cozy? If you're feeling that creeping dread of dicey family political conversations, or perfect-turkey-cooking pressure, or getting yourself trampled at superstores, pick up one of these Christmas cozy mysteries.

Enjoy a Christimas cozy mystery and the worst thing that might happen is Santa gets bumped off, or elves go missing, or someone no one liked anyway falls face-first into a platter of figgy pudding. 

You might even find a great recipe in one or two in them!

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The Best Cozy Mystery Series You're Not Reading...YET!

By now, close to everyone who reads cozy mysteries has heard about (and probably read) Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. Maybe that blockbuster was your first foray into cozy mysteries — traditional mysteries with none of the gore, cursing or sexual content of their more edgy counterparts in crime and thriller. Now, you're looking for additional titles to add to your library... Maybe you feel like you've read every cozy mystery worth reading, but you're still hungry for more?

We can help! Here's a list of cozy mystery series you might not have heard of, but you don't want to miss! What do all these books have in common? They're all cozy mysteries and they're all filled with notch-above writing and characters you'll never forget!

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Looking for a book like Thursday Murder Club? You can't do better than the Pineapple Port Mystery Series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Amy Vansant- with FOURTEEN books available for your enjoyment and brilliantly narrated audiobooks!

Funny, clean, small-town, sleuth novels—with a touch of romance. The heartwarming relationships between young and old and the quirky world of loveable characters will make Pineapple Port Mysteries your new favorite series!

"Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman is huge right now, and if you like that you will love Pineapple Lies. Personally, I have to say I enjoyed this even more." - author Tommy Ueland

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