Need a Little Swag? Or just want to show off a little?*

My husband and I own an online embroidery shop featuring pets (for the most part) ( but on that shop we also provide graphic tee shirts made with our customers' photos.

If we can stamp a picture of someone's dog on a tee, why can't we create author tees featuring your book or graphic?! Add your book cover, or any other graphic you've created to promote your books. Or your dog if you like. :)

Usually $19.99, for authors, each tee is $15 plus shipping. Available in just about any color and size.

If you're interested, just send me an email and I'll get together the order for you!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can work out colors, sizes, graphic and discounts for larger orders.

OR you can just order from my shop, or from Etsy:

DoodleSport Fitted Women's Tee | DoodleSport Men/Unisex Tee | Etsy Women's | Etsy Men's/Unisex

* Photo is not of me and my husband.