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Series pages are really nice to have on Amazon. They let readers know which books are in the series and in what order they should read them. Most importantly, they encourage readers to read more books!

Don't have one for your series? Here's how to get one!

  1. Go to your Kindle Dashboard
  2. Scroll to the bottom and hit "Contact"
  3. On the next page on the left menu click "Amazon Product Pages and Expanded Distribution" and then click "Kindle Series Bundles" 
  4. An email option will show up on the right -- email them and ask them to create a series page for your books.


  • You'll need to provide the ASIN number for each book.
  • In your individual book descriptions (where you add your books to Amazon), you also need to add the series number to each book (DO THIS FIRST!) 


When you're done you'll have something like the below under each of your individual book titles!

Be sure to check on them once and a while...sometimes they seem to go missing for no apparent reason...