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Apply for the Peacetaker Series Street Team!

Author Edita Petrick is looking to create a STREET TEAM for her ongoing "Peacetaker" Series.

What is Peacetaker?

  • The Peacetaker series is an action/adventure thriller with fantasy-paranormal elements, history, mythology and legends
  • Clean, suitable for teen-and-up. There is a suggestion of some violence, though not overly descriptive.

These books would appeal to any reader who loves mystery and adventure with a touch of supernatural elements. Each story is intelligently knitted, with twists and turns that keep the reader hooked since the very beginning. The two lead characters start off as total strangers. Carter, is a hard-shelled, lone ranger type; a Justice Department contractor with a painful past. Dr. Stella Hunter is a quirky, conflicted academic and published expert in mythology and ancient legends. The pairing of this unlikely duo makes for interesting and entertaining reading.

However, out of necessity their bond and slight romantic connection becomes something deeper as the series progresses.

Each book of the series is a standalone, but there is always an underlying ‘peace-taker’ issue driving some parts of the story.

You can see the whole series on Amazon.

or visit Edita's Website

Here's a quick description of book one: Ribbons of Death

A career soldier who survived a deadly riot in Cairo, and a reclusive mythology expert from Montana, race against time to find the product of legends that’s cutting a bloody path across the continent.
One snowy evening, a stranger with a horribly scarred face stomps on the porch of Stella Hunter’s house, holding her latest book of myths and legends. He points to the bloody fingerprints of the book’s now deceased owner, marking a passage of the Peacetaker myth. When she asks how he came by the book, he tells her he took the controversial book from the lifeless hand of a traffic fatality in Cairo. And suddenly, Stella could swear that somewhere a clock started ticking down to doomsday. After all, the fate of humanity depends on whether she was right or wrong when she wrote her infamous book.


  • Ribbons of Death – Book 1
  • The Harmony Scroll – Book 2
  • The Byzantine Connection – Book 3
  • Arachne’s Challenge – Book 4
  • Doomsday Hand – Book 5

What's a street team?

A street team helps an author hype his or her book. They come in especially handy during giveaways and new book launches.

  • They promote the author and his/her books on social media
  • Review advanced copies on Amazon, GoodReads and other book retailers
  • Help spread the word in groups the author can't access (authors usually aren't allowed to promote their own books in reader groups)

In short, the street team helps spread the word about the author and his/her books!

What does the Street Team get for their efforts?

Street team members get first access to new releases, entries in special "team only" giveaways and other perks. They also get access to a private Facebook page dedicated to the Street Team. In general, the author tries to make being a team member FUN.

Do you have to genuinely love the author/series?

It certainly helps. :)

Interested in Joining this Street Team?

Just fill out the form on the right as best you can - don't worry about right or wrong answers! Amy will get back to you soon!

You can also see the whole series on Amazon or visit Amy's website for more information about the series and her.


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