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Mark of the Medallion

He lost his family. He’s got voices in his head. And he’s more powerful than they ever imagined… Fifteen-year-old apprentice Kyril is sick of being bullied. And after a tragic fire leaves him orphaned with out-of-control thoughts and powers, he can’t wait to escape constant taunting at the wizard ac ...

Dreamland Part 1 The Fabric of Dreams

One hero, one destiny. Unleash the power of dreams. Eric is a strange boy. He’s constantly haunted by dreams and visions. After slipping into a coma, he goes on a journey to a magical realm: Dreamland. Now he’s entrapped in an age-old battle between the light and dark and the fate of us all rests in ...

The Key of F

"A fantasy dystopia with engaging characters in a dark and dangerous society. The Hunger Games meets A Wrinkle in Time." ~Goodreads In the Industrial District of Algea, the history taught to the children is a lie. No one remembers the rule of Princess Effailya, or what happened to her. They onl ...

Category:Young Adult
Guardian, The Choice: Magical Beasts Book One

Sam has the perfect life. Take care of the animals, hang out with her quirky crush Jake, enjoy summer. Until a dragon attacks her… The dragon poisons Sam’s father and Jake’s mother and tells the teens to go to the Amazon to get the antidote. Things get even crazier when a supernatural cat an ...