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Guardian, The Stand: Magical Beasts, Book 4

The war has begun and the Evil One is attacking. Thus Sam and Jake must find and convince the Summoner of KiraKu to call all dragons and magical creatures of the wild lands to join the battle. To reach the Summoner, Sam will have to cross the most dangerous wild lands of KiraKu. Even if the Summo ...

Author:Geoffrey Saign
Fly Free (Light of Faerie Part One)

In the land of Faerie, lies are easily disguised as truths. They were raised like sisters, the heir to the Court of the Day and her guardian. And as rebellion darkens the land of the Day—and the faeries of Court fall under a dark magic that disconnects them from the land, dooming them to a slo ...

WARLORD: Arrival, The Journals of Solomon Roth, #1

From out of the post-apocalyptic ashes of a dead Earth, 200 people placed into hibernation are sent into space to keep the last of humanity alive. Three thousand years later, the sole survivor of that starship awakens into the post-apocalyptic world of the planet of his birth --A New Science Fictio ...

The Burned God

When Imharak’s home is raided and burned to the ground, the orphaned blacksmith’s apprentice is forced to leave behind everything he once knew. Together with his master, Gaius, he flees into the wilderness to escape a ruthless invading army. What troubles Imharak is not so much the invasion, b ...

Author:J.G. Willem